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Ideas for Decorating Your Home or Business

We at Love My Christmas Lights can decorate your entire home to make it "warm" and "inviting". We offer many different decorating options...lights, candles, wreaths, trees, glitter, garland, and other festive ornaments.

Let our expert staff provide you money saving and time saving ideas. Our installers are experienced in electrical and mechanical safety of installed decorations.

We offer...

  • LED Lighting - LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is energy efficient and uses substantially less power than conventional bulbs. And, LED lighting is brighter, lasts longer, break resistant, and has vivid colors. LED lighting can be installed indoors or outdoors.

  • Tree Lighting - Love My Christmas Lights provides decorating for large trees in commercial settings such as shopping centers and department stores. Our staff can provide photos of decorations that we have provided locally.

  • Daytime Decor - Love My Christmas Lights can provide greenery for daytime holiday decorating. We offer wreaths, garland, and trees for outdoor use. Commercial grade material is used for all of our outdoor installation. Festive lighting can be added to the shrubbery and trees around your home to make an attractive display.

  • Lighting for Your Windows - We can make your home or business a shining example of the Spirit of Christmas by providing mini-light sets. These are available in white or multi-color.

  • Roof Lighting - Roof lighting can be difficult for you to install. Let us do the installation for you and you take all the credit!

  • Leasing - Christmas tree and decoration leases has become popular in recent years. Storage of Christmas decor can be eliminated for you. Leasing is quite popular for small condo or home where storage space is at a premium.

  • Other Ideas...

    • Icicle Lighting along the roof line

    • Stake Lighting along entrance ways and driveways

  • Animated Lighting - This has become quite popular in recent years. Animated lighting is synchronized to music where the lights appear to "dance" with the music. This type of lighting is available for our high-end decorating packages, and is computer controlled. You can pick out the music you like and we provide the programming. Our staff at Love My Christmas Lights can provide a list of popular melodies to choose from.